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  • Κρητομυκηναϊκά (1964-1974)

Κρητομυκηναϊκά (1964-1974)

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[...] These sixteen papers are concerned with Neolithic and Bronze Age Crete, or with subjects which have important links with Crete, as the reader will discover. It is appropriate that no less than five of the papers deal with discoveries made by John and Efi Sakellarakis in the Bronze Age cemetery of Fourni at Arkhanes south of Knossos. Apart from the wealth of important finds which it has yielded this cemetery on a ridge north of the Bronze Age settlement and modern village is probably the most complete and interesting one of prehistoric date that has ever been explored in Crete. It also had a remarkably long life, with burials covering the Early and Middle Minoan periods and much of the Late Minoan as well. [...] (Sinclair Hood, από τον πρόλογο της έκδοσης)

Συγγραφέας Γιάννης Σακελλαράκης
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